Quick Facts


Scenario: Battle for The Grove of Awakening

  • Stage 1 – Clear the Way
    Direct Ysera to Destroy Drust Forces.
  • Stage 2 – Report to the Winter Queen
    Tell the Winter Queen what transpired at Darkreach.
  • Stage 3 – Receive the Queen's Blessing
    Receive the Queen's Blessing
  • Stage 4 – Lead the Charge!
    Lead the Wild Hunt to the Grove of Awakening
  • Stage 5 – Orders from the Queen
    Speak with the Queen
  • Stage 6 – Reverse the power
    Help the Court regain control of the Grove of Awakening.
  • Stage 7 – For Queen and Grove
    The power of the Grove of Awakening is ours once more! Return to the Winterqueen then vanquish Gorak Zhar!
  • Final Stage – The Return to Calm
    Speak with the Winter Queen to depart