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Spell Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Range0 yards (Self)
Cast timeInstant
GCD0 seconds
Effect #1Apply Aura: Stealth
Value: 425
Effect #2Apply Aura: ?? (Aura #353)
Affected Spells:
Ice Trap Ice Trap Misdirection
Trap Launcher Distracting Shot Track Undead
Master's Call Concussive Shot Trueshot Aura
Explosive Trap Freezing Trap Freezing Trap
Multi-Shot Tranquilizing Shot Flare
Disengage Mend Pet Track Humanoids
Explosive Trap Revive Pet Deterrence
Track Giants Arcane Shot Steady Shot
Track Beasts Track Elementals Track Dragonkin
Track Demons Camouflage Binding Shot
Glaive Toss Barrage Wyvern Sting
Intimidation Powershot A Murder of Crows
Dire Beast Updraft Savage Vigor
Blessing of Kongs Defensive Quills Stone Armor
Bark of the Wild Harden Shell Reflective Armor Plating
Tenacity Fearless Roar Strength of the Pack
Energizing Spores Solid Shell Roar of Courage
Spirit Beast Blessing Rest Keen Senses
Sturdiness Grace Plainswalking
Tendon Rip Web Spray Strength of the Earth
Thick Hide Burrow Attack Trick
Prowl Smack Bite
Breath of the Winds Shell Shield Warp Time
Indomitable Spry Attacks Claw
Primal Agility Bloody Screech Growl
Kindred Spirits Duality Gruesome Bite
Agile Reflexes Qiraji Fortitude Deadly Sting
Invigorating Roar Furious Howl Ankle Crack
Spirit Walk Terrifying Roar Rest
Harden Carapace Froststorm Breath Spirit Mend
Ancient Hysteria Play Embrace of the Shale Spider
Trick Frost Breath Sonic Focus
Chitinous Armor Monstrous Bite Wild Strength
Double Bite Gift of the Naaru Dash
Charge Last Stand Bullheaded
Roar of Sacrifice Thunderstomp Cobra Shot
Black Arrow Explosive Shot Kill Shot
Focus Fire Bestial Wrath Kill Command
Rapid Fire Black Arrow Aimed Shot
Chimaera Shot
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