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Norgannon's Foresight


Spell Details

Dispel typen/a
GCD categoryn/a
Range0 yards (Self)
Cast timeInstant
GCD0 seconds
EffectApply Aura: Allows Cast while Moving
Value: 4000

Affected Spells:
Banish Summon Imp Summon Succubus
Soul Leech Summon Felhunter Dreadsteed
Command Demon Unending Breath Eye of Kilrogg
Fear Fear Create Healthstone
Summon Voidwalker Health Funnel Felsteed
Ritual of Summoning Soulstone Unending Resolve
Unending Resolve Enslave Demon Summon Infernal
Demonic Gateway Create Soulwell Summon Doomguard
Shadowburn Demon Skin Demonbolt
Haunt Soul Conduit Haunt
Channel Demonfire Implosion Shadowburn
Howl of Terror Mortal Coil Shadowfury
Demonic Circle Soul Harvest Cataclysm
Mortal Coil Phantom Singularity Shadowflame
Firebolt Meteor Strike Meteor Strike
Doom Bolt Felbolt Seed of Corruption
Incinerate Shadow Bolt Corruption
Immolate Life Tap Drain Life
Summon Felguard Unstable Affliction Incinerate
Demonwrath Shadow Bolt Drain Soul
Call Dreadstalkers Rain of Fire Havoc
Hand of Gul'dan Conflagrate Chaos Bolt
Doom Drain Soul Demonic Empowerment
Conflagrate Chaos Bolt Agony
Immolate Doom Agony
Curse of Shadows Bane of Havoc Singe Magic
Curse of Fragility Curse of Weakness Casting Circle
Curse of Tongues Long Dark Night of the Soul Sweet Souls
Shadowy Incantations Shadows of the Flesh Seeds of Doom
Fatal Echoes Hideous Corruption Drained to a Husk
Inherently Unstable Perdition Thal'kiel's Consumption
Winnowing Sinister Seeds Rend Soul
Crystalline Shadows Inimitable Agony Soul Flame
Wrath of Consumption Harvester of Souls Compounding Horror
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