Quick Facts

Kil'jaeden's Cunning


Spell Details

Duration8 seconds
Dispel typeMagic
GCD categoryn/a
Range0 yards (Self)
Cast timeInstant
Cooldown35 seconds
GCD0 seconds
EffectApply Aura: Allows Cast while Moving (7)
Affected Spells:
Summon Felhunter Summon Felhunter Enslave Demon
Banish Dreadsteed Banish
Soul Harvest Unending Breath Summon Succubus
Summon Succubus Felsteed Eye of Kilrogg
Eye of Kilrogg Ritual of Summoning Summon Infernal
Demonic Circle: Summon Create Soulwell Demonic Circle: Teleport
Dark Intent Demonic Gateway Create Soulwell
Soulshatter Command Demon Summon Infernal
Summon Doomguard Unending Resolve Unending Resolve
Soulstone Unending Breath Create Healthstone
Summon Imp Summon Imp Summon Voidwalker
Corruption Summon Voidwalker Create Healthstone
Shadow Bolt Fear Fear
Howl of Terror Harvest Life Demonbolt
Mortal Coil Shadowfury Cataclysm
Mortal Coil Meteor Strike Meteor Strike
Doom Bolt Pet Damage Firebolt
Dark Soul: Knowledge Dark Soul: Misery Conflagrate
Conflagrate Fire and Brimstone Shadowburn
Flames of Xoroth Soul Swap Shadowburn
Soul Swap Haunt Drain Life
Dark Soul: Instability Agony Demonic Leap
Seed of Corruption Immolate Hellfire
Hellfire Seed of Corruption Rain of Fire
Soulburn Life Tap Hand of Gul'dan
Soul Fire Rain of Fire Immolate
Drain Soul Ember Tap Wild Imps
Havoc Incinerate Incinerate
Unstable Affliction Metamorphosis Health Funnel
Chaos Bolt Chaos Bolt Nightfall
Summon Felguard
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