Arelion's Mistress

Magistrix Carinda at Falcon Watch wants you to lure Viera Sunwhisper away from the settlement and then use Carinda's Scroll of Retribution on her.
Carinda's Scroll of Retribution used
Provided item:
Carinda's Scroll of Retribution


With all the important matters at hand Arelion still found time in his schedule to see a mistress!

It's all becoming perfectly clear. Viera Sunwhisper, that filthy wench... we'll show her to never cross a magistrix again.

Take this scroll and find Viera. Find a way to lure her away from town and use the scroll on her.

Arelion mentioned she couldn't resist a particular wine harvested by the cenarion druids. You might find some at Cenarion Refuge, just inside Zangarmarsh, west of here.



You will receive: 5 40 (or 7 29 if completed at level 110)
Carinda's Wedding Band


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: