Fish Heads, Fish Heads...

Collect 8 Grimscale Murloc Heads. Return them to Hathvelion Sungaze in the Eversong Woods on the bluff overlooking the Tranquil Shore.
Grimscale Murloc Head (8)


Greetings, <class>. Take a look toward the shore; what do you see? That's right, our beach... our Tranquil Shore, has been infested with the malignancy known as the murloc.

This blight will not stand!

I have a task for you. If you feel that you're up to it, I would have their heads! Let us see if we can put a dent in their numbers so large that, if they have any sense at all, they will return to the murky depths from which they sprang!




Upon completion of this quest you will gain: