The Hero of the Day - Quest - World of Warcraft

Quick Facts
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The Hero of the Day

Bring 1 Deeprock Salt and 5 gold coins to any Holly Preserver machine, upon which you will receive 5 Preserved Holly.
Deeprock Salt


Required money: 5


Listen... I'm not really supposed to be telling you this, but since you're the hero of the day and all...

There's fresh holly everywhere this time of the year, but it never lasts. We've got a machine that preserves holly - it never goes bad! We use it to spice up the holiday... and profits during the summer!

I'll let you use the preserver, but only if you're a master cook. You'll need some deeprock salt and two, three, oh let's say five gold. It'll net you a nice batch that's yours to keep.




You will receive: (or if completed at level 90)
Preserved Holly