Vorsha the Lasher

Defeat Vorsha the Lasher.


Defeat Vorsha the Lasher


Suggested players: 2


Vorsha the Lasher... the fiendish hydra that roams the seas...

She has attacked our outpost, each time unprovoked, laying waste to anything that falls in her path.

But I am ready, <name>. I have prepared to best the hydra and end these attacks on Zoram'gar.

The naga honor the wicked nature of this beast with a brazier that remains lit on an island just off the coast. I believe that if we put it out, Vorsha will appear in anger.

We will need help, so be sure to bring some strong allies.



You will receive: (or 3 27 if completed at level 110)
Horn Ring


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 5,460 experience