The Blightcaller Cometh - Quest - World of Warcraft

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The Blightcaller Cometh

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Return to Stormwind and inform King Varian Wrynn of the fate of Nathanos Marris.


<The blood appears to have completely drained from Flint's face.>

Na... Nathanos did this? Nathanos is the Blightcaller?

Why? He was... was so noble - a ranger lord respected by all. The only human ever allowed to train under the high elves. Now a ruthless agent of the Forsaken?

I... I am sorry to ask this of you, <name>, but King Wrynn must be informed of this turn of events at once. Please, return to Stormwind and deliver the news.



Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 9,550 experience