Quick Facts

Taming the Beast

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Use the Taming Rod to tame a Strigid Screecher. Practice your skills, then return the Taming Rod to Dazalar in Dolanaar.
Taming Rod (Provided)


Tame a Strigid Screecher


You have tamed two creatures that inhabit the land, now you must tame one that soars the skies. Use the taming rod to tame a strigid screecher, found west of here. Practice your skills with this mighty owl at your side.

When you return, I will bestow you with the skills you will need to tame an animal of your choosing to be your companion; this creature will face the challenges you face, and gain experience alongside you. I will also show you how to call it and dismiss it as you wish.


You will learn:
Taming Lesson
You will also receive: (or 14 63 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 1,560 experience