An Unwelcome Guest

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Martie Jainrose of Lakeshire wants you to kill Bellygrub. Bring her his tusk as proof.
Bellygrub's Tusk


Once again my garden was trampled and pillaged. And I know the brute who is doing it. It's that forsaken boar, the one Marshal Marris has taken to calling Bellygrub.

I won't be able to re-plant the daffodils until next season now. Ruined! All ruined by that one menacing boar. Put an end to that pest! Show me his tusk and I'd be happy to reward you. He seems to spend his time foraging in the field southwest of Lakeshire but occasionally he roams over here and into my garden.




You will receive: 17
Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 4,500 experience
  • 250 reputation with Stormwind