Going Undercover

Speak to Sylene at Twilight Glade to gain an orc illusion, then plant explosives at key locations in Shaz'gul.

If you lose your disguise, use Sylene's Amulet of Illusion to regain an orc appearance.
Obtain orc disguise from Sylene
Explosives planted at supply hut
Explosives planted at main lodge
Explosives planted at the chieftain's seat
Explosives planted at the training pit


Yrel leads my rangers on a search for the prisoners at the Shadowmoon village.

Their work is extremely dangerous, so I need you to carry out a contingency mission.

Sylene has mastered an illusion spell which will allow you to infiltrate Shaz'gul safely. Speak to her to disguise yourself.

Then, plant explosives at the quartermaster's depot, the main lodge, and the ritual altar.

In case anything goes wrong, set them off to create a distraction.



You will receive: 23 60


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: