Disarming Irony

Disarm the Tactical Mana Bombs at the Horde Ships, the Scrying Crystals, and the Bridge within Dawnseeker Promontory.
Ships Tactical Mana Bomb disarmed
Crystal Tactical Mana Bomb disarmed
Bridge Tactical Mana Bomb disarmed


Well, it would seem the Lady Proudmoore has decided to use our own weaponry against us. Our perimeter wards reported several spies slipping through our defenses carrying tactical mana bombs.

I would enjoy the irony if these bombs were less dangerous.

Search for these bombs and disarm them. Our wards reported one near the horde ships to the north, one on a bridge to the main isle, and one near our scrying crystals on the eastern side of the Promontory.



You will receive: 11 40
Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: