Faerie Dragon Muisek

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Kill 8 Sprite Darters or Sprite Dragons. Use the Muisek Vessel to shrink and capture the fallen Faerie Dragons.
Faerie Dragon Muisek (8)
Faerie Dragon Muisek Vessel (Provided)


<name>, next I must have you capture a creature that in appearance, may look quite fragile, yet its powerful spirit is what we are truly after. The faerie dragons that I speak of have served the night elves as their allies. We must capture one so that the horde may benefit from this strength of spirit as well.

Here is the muisek, <name>. Kill 8 sprite darters or sprite dragons, and capture their muisek. They may be found to the west of here.




Upon completion of this quest you will gain: