Feed or Be Eaten

Begin Kovok's training by feeding him 6 Succulent Turtle Filets found on the Brineshell Snappers in the Briny Muck.
Succulent Turtle Filets fed to Kovok (6)


After years of working with the Kunchong I developed a theory; raising one from infancy would strengthen the bond and therefore strengthen the sonic connection.

I had just begun training Kovok when I was chosen for encasement. He is still very young and will need diligent training to reach his full potential.

I'm entrusting Kovok to you, but be warned; if any harm comes to him your life is forfeit.

First, you must feed him to gain his trust. The turtles in the area should be suitable for this.



You will receive: 11 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: