To Kill With Purpose

Travel to Corin's Crossing to the south and slaughter the Scourge that inhabit the town. Collect 7 pieces of Living Rot. Use the Mortar and Pestle to grind the Living Rot into Coagulated Rot.
Coagulated Rot
Provided item:
Mortar and Pestle


Greetings, stranger! You've entered the heart of the Plaguelands. I hope you brought your undead-killing gear with you.

The plague spreads more slowly these days, so the Cult of the Damned has stepped up production in order to keep the land brown and dead, as they like it. I've got a plan to stop them. Take my mortar and pestle, and use it on living rot from the undead creatures in Corin's Crossing to the southeast. We're going to make a little present for the cultists!




Upon completion of this quest you will gain: