Environmental Awareness

Use the Oil Extrusion Pump on the corpses of Seabrush Terrapins, Scourgut Remoras, and Spinescale Hammerheads in Seabrush to obtain 4 Terrapin Oil, 4 Remora Oil, and 4 Hammerhead Oil.
Terrapin Oil (4)
Remora Oil (4)
Hammerhead Oil (4)
Provided item:
Oil Extrusion Pump


Have you ever smelled submarine fuel, <name>? It's nasty stuff. Unfortunately, we need to burn huge amounts of it to get the Verne to move, and it's both bad-smelling AND deadly to the local wildlife. We need to be more environmentally conscious.

The sea creatures nearby have particularly oily flesh. Take this device up to Seabrush - just above this cave - and use it on the corpses of terrapins, remoras, and hammerhead sharks. Their oil might save the lives of hundreds of other sea creatures.




You will receive: 7 80


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: