Shallow End of the Gene Pool

King Gurboggle wants you to kill Gilblingle in Gurboggle's Ledge.
Gilblingle Slain


<Gurboggle inspects the Gnaws Tooth Necklace for a moment.>

Not bad, <race>, assuming it's the real thing. I'll hafta send one of my boys out to make sure your story checks out.

In the meantime, you're gunna do a little somethin' for me, see, 'cause this little trinket ain't worth givin' up The Pewter Pounder - not by a longshot!

My cousin, Gilblingle, has had his eye on my throne for years. Dumb as a bag of coral, that one - but still dangerous.

You take him out, and then we'll talk.


You will receive: 7 80


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12,320 experience