Crushing the Crown

Kill 5 Crown Sprinklers and use Snagglebolt's Khorium Bomb to destroy one chemical wagon east of Everlook in Winterspring, then return to Inspector Snip Snagglebolt in Stormwind.
Chemical Wagon Destroyed
Crown Sprinkler slain (5)
Provided item:
Snagglebolt's Khorium Bomb


This ledger is full of locations, and I need you to investigate and take action, pal. This has gone on long enough.

Here's an entry I want you to check out: it's in Winterspring, just east of Everlook. Oh, now this is personal. Get out there and rough 'em up.

Oh, and if you see something big and dangerous enough that it needs destroying, toss this bomb at it.



You will receive: 85 (or 14 63 if completed at level 100)
Love Token