Slaves of the Stormforged

Bouldercrag the Rockshaper at Bouldercrag's Refuge wants you to free 6 Captive Mechagnomes and kill 3 Stormforged Taskmasters.


Attempt to free Captive Mechagnome (6)
Stormforged Taskmaster slain (3)


To the southwest, on the western side of the Snowdrift Plains, the iron dwarves have dug a mine into the hillside. There, they use captive mechagnomes, servants of Keeper Mimir, to mine ore.

I don't know where these mechagnomes came from, nor what they would do with their freedom, but perhaps we can win their help.

Go to the Frozen Mine, <name>, and set these creatures free from their bondage. Ask if they would fight alongside us against iron dwarf tyranny.



You will receive: 7 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12,190 experience