Eliminate the Competition

The Leaper at The Shadow Vault wants you to duel and defeat Sigrid Iceborn, Efrem the Faithful, Onu'zun and Tinky Wickwhistle.
Sigrid Iceborn defeated
Efrem the Faithful defeated
Onu'zun defeated
Tinky Wickwhistle defeated



<The Leaper clears his throat.>

Sorry about that. It can sometimes be hard to understand what I'm saying. You know how it is.

I wanted to make sure that if you find yourself at the Savage Ledge, over the mountains to the west, that you make sure to eliminate the competition there.

Specifically, I'd like you to challenge to duels and humiliate Sigrid Iceborn, Efrem the Faithful, Onu'zun, and Tinky Wickwhistle in front of the vrykul.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Sigrid's Mittens Efrem's Bracers
Gauntlets of Onu'zun Chestplate of the Glacial Crusader
Iron Coffin Lid
You will receive: 7 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: