Zero Tolerance

Drakuru in Voltarus wants you to go to the Reliquary of Pain and use the Scepter of Empowerment on a Servant of Drakuru. You are then to use its abilities to defeat Darmuk.
Darmuk Slain
Scepter of Empowerment (Provided)


Ignorance! Dis be intolerable, mon! My entire batch of blight be useless!

Dat mongrel, Darmuk! He be responsible for watchin over da blight. He failed me, mon!

Dis be a good lesson for ya, <name>. Failure be like a disease dat spreads. Ya gotta catch it and kill it early, before it be killin' you!

Take dis scepter. It make my scourged trolls stronger. Use dem ta kill Darmuk. He be lurkin' down below just to da south.

Let dat be an example to all, mon. Don't be failin' Drakuru!




You will receive: 3 (or 3 45 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 5,750 experience