Wanted: Magister Keldonus

Slay Magister Keldonus and return to Captain Gort at Agmar's Hammer in the Dragonblight.
Magister Keldonus slain


By decree of Overlord Agmar:

Target: Magister Keldonus

Crime: Treason

Status: Alive

Magister Keldonus, once mage commander of Agmar's Hammer, is to be killed on sight in the name of the Horde.

Keldonus was last seen traveling southwest towards Moonrest Gardens to join the blue dragonflight in their campaign against magic.

Approach with caution as Keldonus is a powerful magus.

All bounties are paid out by Captain Gort at Agmar's Hammer.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Magister's Bane Mageslayer Rifle
Endurance of the Spell Warder Backtwister
Bloodsmeared Brutalizer Keldonus' Missing Spellshard
You will receive: 11 20


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: