Heart of the Ancients

Drakuru wants you to go to the uppermost chamber at Blue Sky Logging Ground and find the Heart of the Ancients.


Secrets of da ages, be revealed to me now!

<Drakuru peers through the Eye of the Prophets.>

Ahh, great be mah destiny, <name>. You be lucky ta know me....

There! I be seein' it, mon. The Heart of the Ancients. Dis be too easy!

You gunna find da heart lyin' near da corpse of a goblin east of here. He be up in a chamber, near a river of broken trees.

Hurry, mon, before someone else be findin' it!



You will receive: (or 6 81 if completed at level 110)
Heart of the Ancients


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 11,360 experience