Spiritual Insight

Speak with Toalu'u the Mystic at Moa'ki Harbor after you have attained your spiritual insight.


Spiritual insight concerning Indu'le Village attained.
Provided item:
Toalu'u's Spiritual Incense


<race>, we have not heard from our people at Indu'le Village since the ground shook and was torn apart!

Have you ever been upon a vision quest? You've bested Loguhn, so you must be capable.

I will give you a special incense to sprinkle into my brazier. Breathe deep from its vapors and your spirit will be sent aloft to view what has transpired at Indu'le.

As your spirit soars, I will be able to look through your eyes.



You will receive: 5 (or 6 66 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: