The Warsong Farms

Shadowstalker Ickoris at Warsong Farms Outpost wants you to scout Warsong Granary, Torp's Farm, and Warsong Slaughterhouse.
Scout Warsong Granary
Scout Torp's Farm
Scout Warsong Slaughterhouse


According to Luther's notes the Scourge is now using this place as a breeding ground for those monsters you see lumbering across the field.

<Ickoris shudders.>

Those monsters were once orcs... tauren...

We need more information before a plan can be devised. I want you to investigate three sites that are heavily trafficked by Scourge: the Warsong Granary, southwest of us, Torp's Farm, directly west of us, and the old Warsong Slaughterhouse, north of us.

Return to me once you've scouted 'em out.



Upon completion of this quest you will gain: