A Courageous Strike

Slay 15 En'kilah Ghouls and 5 En'kilah Necromancers and report back to Durm Icehide at Taunka'le Village.
En'kilah Ghoul slain (15)
En'kilah Necromancer slain (5)


From the beginning, I've counseled that Chieftain Wintergale should assemble our mighty warriors and attack our enemy at their base. My advice has fallen on deaf ears and he has proven that he'd rather tip-toe around according to Sage Aeire's plans.

I'll wait no longer. If Chieftain Wintergale is too cowardly to send our warriors into battle, perhaps you'd be willing to show him that a direct attack can succeed. Storm the Temple City of En'kilah and slay all in your path, <name>.



You will receive: 5 (or 6 66 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: