Towers of Certain Doom

The Westguard Sergeant has informed you that using the Sergeant's Flare to target all four of the towers at Skorn for cannon volleys would be advisable.


Northwest Tower Targeted


East Tower Targeted


Southwest Tower Targeted


Southeast Tower Targeted
Provided item:
Sergeant's Flare


<Sir/Ma'am>, as we move through Skorn, we have to bring down those towers!

If you have a look at them, you'll notice that their tops are lined with casters. Getting too close to them would mean certain doom for us!

However, we do have it within our means to call in cannon volleys from Westguard Keep. To do so, we need to get close enough so that you can lob a smoke flare atop of them.

Just don't get too close!



You will receive: 4 70 (or 6 57 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: