Pink Elekks On Parade - Quest - World of Warcraft

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Pink Elekks On Parade

Visit the beer gardens outside of Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, and the Undercity, zap three elekks at each location, and return to Glodrak Huntsniper. You must be wearing Synthebrew Goggles to see the pink elekks.
Eversong Pink Elekk slain (3)
Mulgore Pink Elekk slain (3)
Tirisfal Pink Elekk slain (3)
Elekk Dispersion Ray (Provided)


Look. We're running a business here. People being drunk? It's good business. But I'll tell ya one thing that puts a cramp in the profits - hallucinations. Wouldn't ya know it, the boys are reporting that the sot- er, the loyal customers are seeing pink elekks everywhere.

I don't need my customers unsettled. Look, take this ray and travel to the other beer gardens to take care of 'em for me, would ya? And be sure to wear Synthebrew Goggles! Talk to me if ya need a pair.




You will receive: 1 14 (or 1 98 50 if completed at level 90)
Brewfest Prize Token