Zuluhed the Whacked

Kill Zuluhed the Whacked and recover Zuluhed's Key. Use Zuluhed's Key on Zuluhed's Chains to free Karynaku.
Karynaku freed
Zuluhed the Whacked slain


Suggested players: 5


He hides in my thoughts, mortal. He waits for me to break... for me to bend to his will.

And this will be his undoing. I will call for him. I will tell him that I will do as he asks. When he appears, kill him and take the key!

Know this: Zuluhed is an ancient orc with unknown powers. He has surely been empowered further by Illidan. You risk your life for me in doing as I ask. Are you certain you wish to make such a sacrifice?



Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16,230 experience