Reputation in 5.2

Two new ways to speed up Mists of Pandaria faction grinds were added in last week's new PTR build.

Random dungeons and scenarios now have a "*Bonus Reputation:" line and a button that opens up your reputation panel. Draztal posted that the rep bonuses are "750 for your first heroic and 325 for your first scenario."

Sunsong Ranch also has a new way to improve reputation with factions of your choice--Work Orders.

A pillar has been added to your farm, by Farmer Yoon. This pillar has quests for all of the major Mists of Pandaria factions (The August Celestials, Shado-Pan, Golden Lotus, The Klaxxi, Operation: Shieldwall, Dominance Offensive), but you must have unlocked that faction's dailies in order to access the Work Orders. These initial quests (such as Work Order: Golden Lotus I) ask you to plant 8 specific seeds on your farm and do not grant reputation.

Draztal also clarifies: "In order to use the Work Orders in Sunsong Ranch, you need to be exalted with The Tiillers and all plots unlocked, but it's not required to own Sunsong. Work orders will be available for most 5.0/5.1 factions, but it will most likely not include Black Prince."

Once that work order has been completed, you are then told to harvest eight specific crops the next day and turn in 40 vegetables (such as Work Order: Golden Lotus II). This then rewards you with +300 reputation before bonuses. A pile of crates and food has been added to a corner of your farm, which completes the quest.

You can pick up all "Work Orders I" quests at once, but can only really proceed with two of them if you have a maxed farm, since each quest takes up eight out of sixteen farm plots.

To learn more about 5.2 reputation changes, check out PTR reputation coverage at WoW Insider and El's Extreme Anglin'.

Also, don't forget that Zandalari Warbringer currently on the PTR can drop Stolen Celestial Insignia, Stolen Golden Lotus Insignia, Stolen Klaxxi Insignia, Stolen Shado-Pan Insignia for additional reputation!

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