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March 21, 2017

Items (23)


Tadpole Gift
Clamshell Heart
Finful of Sparkly Sand
Gnawed Piece of Driftwood
Half of a Fish
Kelp Art
Wet Rock
Winterfin Mud Pie
Winterfin Pearl


Other Consumables
Grimoire of Doom
Portal Stone
Recipe: Surf
Spectral Feather
Fungal Lifestalk
Pungent Truffle
Pungent Truffle
Sack of Healing Spores


Other Consumables (continued)


Inscription Techniques
Technique: Glyph of the Abyssal


Ravaged Supplies


Wyrmtongue's Cache Key


Primal Flamesaber

March 17, 2017

Spells (4)

Hurl Axe
Poisonous Spores

March 14, 2017

Items (30)


Dino Mojo


Other Consumables
Arsenal: Armaments of the Ebon Blade
Arsenal: Armaments of the Silver Hand
Attack Beacon: Dalaran Underbelly
Attack Beacon: Illidari Stand
Attack Beacon: Skyhorn
Attack Beacon: Starsong Refuge
Attack Beacon: Stormtorn Foothills


Two-Handed Axes
Bloodied Ebon Axe
Icy Ebon Axe
Unholy Ebon Axe


One-Handed Maces
Ardent Hammer


Two-Handed Maces
Ardent Warhammer
Gilded Warhammer


Bloodied Ebon Halberd
Icy Ebon Halberd
Unholy Ebon Halberd


One-Handed Swords
Bloodied Ebon Blade
Bloodied Ebon Warblade
Icy Ebon Blade
Icy Ebon Warblade


One-Handed Swords (continued)
Unholy Ebon Blade
Unholy Ebon Warblade


Two-Handed Swords
Bloodied Ebon Warsword
Icy Ebon Warsword
Unholy Ebon Warsword


Ardent Defender
Gilded Defender


Chest of Champion Equipment


Other (Miscellaneous)
Lingering Wyrmtongue Essence

NPCs (14)

Quests (19)

Achievements (1)

Unlocked Lunarwing Form (DNT)

Spells (18)

Absorb Tar
Archdruid's Lunarwing Form
Break Focus
Break Focus
Break Focus
Credit - Agatha
Death Grip


Uncategorized (continued)
Eerie Fermentation
Fel Brew
Hit Stalactite
Hit Stalactite
Kill Credit


Uncategorized (continued)
Outro Scene (DNT)
PvP Brawl Quest
Teleport Self
Wafting Filth
Wondrous Library

March 13, 2017

Quests (42)

March 8, 2017

NPCs (28)

March 7, 2017

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