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Changelog For "What to do Before Battle for Azeroth"

  • 4 days ago: Pre Patch date confirmed By perculia
  • 20 days ago: Fix bold syntax By Anshlun
  • 20 days ago: Minor Edit By Nightswifty
  • 28 days ago: Updates with new Tweet about the Chosen title. By Anshlun
  • 2018/05/23 at 9:59 AM: Removed mention of Mythic+ in the Valorous section. By Squishei
  • 2018/05/23 at 9:58 AM: Updated Valorous Artifact Appearance Section By Squishei
  • 2018/05/22 at 11:04 AM: Minor Edit By perculia
  • 2018/05/02 at 5:26 PM: Minor Edit By Nightswifty
  • 2018/05/01 at 7:53 PM: Changed Ashran from "maybe" to confirmed to be removed in BfA and added Strand to the removed in 8.0 category as well. By Anshlun
  • 2018/04/26 at 8:18 AM: DH toy is BoP, not BoE By Anshlun
  • 2018/04/13 at 11:14 AM: Added the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph and Ashran sections. By Anshlun
  • Status set to Approved: 2018/03/25 at 10:27 AM